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Teeth Whitening in Bathgate

Safe, Effective, & Tailored to Your Needs

Quicker and More Noticeable Results

Effectively removing stains and discolouration, revealing a brighter, more radiant smile!

How it works?

About Our Take-Home Whitening

Our take-home teeth whitening kit has been designed to deliver results in just 30 minutes. It is formulated with an advanced active whitening ingredient called PAP that whitens and brightens your teeth without any pain or sensitivity.

PAP formulas have been scientifically proven to whiten and brighten teeth after a few uses as shown in the clinical trial study by the Journal of Applied Oral Science available here.

Here’s the process:

  • Give your teeth a good brush to help remove plaque build up so you’re ready to whiten
  • Apply gel to the top and bottom sides of the mouth tray
  • Pop it in, and whiten for 30 minutes
  • Spit and rinse after use, and repeat the next day
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What's so good about it?

The Benefits


Convenience and Flexibility

Our take-home teeth whitening kits offer the convenience of whitening your teeth at a time that suits you. You can carry out the treatment in the comfort of your home, fitting it seamlessly into your schedule without needing multiple visits to the dental practice.

Professional-Grade Results

Unlike over-the-counter products, our take-home whitening kits are designed with professional-grade whitening agents, ensuring more effective and longer-lasting results. These kits are customised to deliver a noticeable improvement in the brightness of your smile.

Customised Trays for Comfort

We provide custom-made whitening trays that fit perfectly to your teeth. This ensures even application of the whitening gel, maximises comfort during treatment, and reduces the risk of gum irritation often associated with ill-fitting generic trays.

Controlled Whitening Process

With take-home whitening, you have control over the whitening process. You can adjust the duration and frequency of treatment to achieve your desired level of whiteness gradually, allowing for a more personalised and controlled experience.

Monitored by Dentists

Our take-home whitening kits are prescribed and monitored by dental professionals, ensuring the safety and health of your teeth and gums. We provide detailed instructions and ongoing support to address any concerns you may have during the whitening process.

Long-Lasting Effects

With proper maintenance and periodic touch-ups, the results of take-home teeth whitening can be long-lasting. Our dental team will provide guidance on how to maintain your newly whitened smile and keep it looking its best over time.

Common Questions

Questions? We've got Answers

What is take-home teeth whitening?

Our take-home teeth whitening at Iriston House Dental Practice involves using a custom-made whitening kit provided by our dentist. The kit includes custom-fitted trays and professional-grade whitening gel that you apply at home according to your dentist’s instructions. This method offers convenience and effective results over a period of time.

How does take-home teeth whitening work?

Take-home teeth whitening works by applying a whitening gel to your teeth using custom-fitted trays. The gel contains bleaching agents that penetrate the enamel to break down stains and discoloration. Consistent use over the prescribed period gradually whitens your teeth, providing noticeable results.

How long does it take to see results?

Results vary depending on the individual and the extent of staining, but most patients begin to see noticeable whitening within a few days to a couple of weeks. Following the treatment plan provided by our dentist will ensure the best results.

Is take-home teeth whitening safe?

Yes, take-home teeth whitening is safe when supervised by a dental professional. The custom trays ensure that the whitening gel is applied evenly and stays away from your gums, reducing the risk of irritation. Always follow our dentist’s instructions to ensure safe and effective treatment.

How often should I use the take-home whitening kit?

Typically, you will be instructed to use the take-home whitening kit once a day for a specified period, usually for a few hours or overnight. Our dentist will provide a customised treatment plan based on your needs and the desired level of whitening.

Can take-home teeth whitening cause tooth sensitivity?

Some patients may experience temporary tooth sensitivity during the whitening process. This sensitivity is usually mild and subsides shortly after completing the treatment. Our dentist can recommend desensitising toothpaste or gels to help manage any discomfort.

How long do the results last?

The longevity of the whitening results depends on your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits. Avoiding stain-causing foods and beverages, such as coffee, tea, and red wine, can help maintain your bright smile. Regular dental cleanings and good oral hygiene practices will also prolong the results.

Can I whiten my teeth if I have dental restorations?

Whitening gels do not affect dental restorations such as crowns, veneers, or fillings. These restorations will not change colour, so it’s important to discuss with our dentist how whitening might affect the overall appearance of your smile. The dentist can provide guidance on achieving a uniform look.

Is take-home teeth whitening suitable for everyone?

Most people can benefit from take-home teeth whitening, but it may not be suitable for individuals with certain dental conditions, such as severe tooth decay or gum disease. A thorough dental examination will help determine if you are a good candidate for the treatment.

Can I use over-the-counter whitening products instead?

Over-the-counter whitening products are available, but they are generally less effective than professional take-home kits. These products may not fit as well or provide even whitening. Professional kits offer customised trays and higher-quality whitening gels for better results and safety.

What should I do if I experience gum irritation?

If you experience gum irritation, discontinue use and contact our dentist. Gum irritation can occur if the whitening gel comes into contact with the gums. The dentist can adjust the fit of your trays or provide guidance on how to apply the gel more accurately.

What are the advantages of take-home whitening over in-practice treatments?

Take-home whitening offers the convenience of whitening your teeth at your own pace and in the comfort of your home. It is generally more affordable and allows for gradual whitening, which can reduce the likelihood of tooth sensitivity compared to more intensive in-practice treatments.

Can I eat or drink immediately after using the whitening trays?

It is best to avoid eating or drinking anything that could stain your teeth, such as coffee, tea, or red wine, for at least an hour after using the whitening trays. This helps ensure the whitening gel has sufficient time to work and prevents new stains from forming.

Can I use the take-home kit while pregnant or breastfeeding?

Consult with our dentist before using any whitening products while pregnant or breastfeeding. While there is no conclusive evidence that teeth whitening is harmful during these periods, it is always better to err on the side of caution.

Teeth Whitening in Bathgate

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