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NHS Dentist in Bathgate

We’re not accepting new NHS patients but you can join our waiting list. We’ll contact you when registrations reopen.

NHS Dental Services in Bathgate - Iriston House Dental Practice

About Our NHS Dental Services

Our Top-tier NHS Dentistry

Iriston House Dental Practice stands as a welcoming, family-friendly clinic known for delivering top-tier NHS dentistry in a comforting environment.

We believe in the importance of healthy teeth, gums, and good oral hygiene for everyone. If you’re new to the area or seeking an NHS Dentist in Bathgate, feel free to join our waiting list. You will be contacted once we reopen registration for new patients.

Will I have to pay for NHS treatment?

Unless you qualify for free NHS dental treatment or assistance with costs, you’ll need to cover 80% of the expenses, up to a maximum of £384 per course of treatment. However, NHS fee structures are complex and vary between patients based on required treatments.

Some patients may be fully or partially exempt from dental charges. Eligibility criteria include being under 18, in full-time education, or named on various certificates for exemptions or benefits. If unsure, our staff is here to assist you in exploring potential exemptions.

NHS Dental Fee

NHS prices are regulated by the Scottish government and apply uniformly across all NHS Dentists in Scotland. While examination appointments are free, other fees vary depending on treatment types. For details on free NHS dental treatment or general inquiries, contact the NHS helpline or visit their website.

What is Not Available on NHS?

It’s essential to recognise the distinctions between NHS and private services. Private dental services often offer a broader range of treatments and materials. Before starting treatment, clarify whether you’re receiving private or NHS care, as this affects costs and service levels.

NHS services we offer include clinical examinations, basic fillings, select extractions, certain restorations, limited crown and bridge work, some dentures, and root canal treatment within the capabilities of our NHS general dentist. Cosmetic treatments aren’t covered, but we provide various affordable options privately.

NHS vs Private Treatment

The choice between NHS and private dental treatment is personal. If uncertain, we’re here to explain the differences so you can make an informed decision aligned with your needs and preferences.

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What dental treatments are covered by NHS dental care in Scotland?

NHS dental care in Scotland covers a range of treatments, including examinations, basic fillings, some extractions, basic restorations, crowns, bridges, root canal treatment, some dentures, and more.

Are there any exemptions from NHS dental charges in Scotland?

Yes, some individuals are exempt from paying NHS dental charges in Scotland. Exemptions may apply for individuals under 18, those in full-time education, recipients of certain benefits, individuals with maternity exemption certificates, and others.

Can I receive cosmetic dental treatments under NHS dental care?

Cosmetic dental treatments, such as teeth whitening and veneers, are not typically covered under NHS dental care in Scotland. These procedures are often considered elective and may require private treatment.

How often should I attend NHS dental check-ups in Scotland?

The frequency of NHS dental check-ups in Scotland depends on individual oral health needs and recommendations from your dentist. Typically, routine check-ups are recommended every six to twelve months.

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