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Infection Control and Decontamination

Effective decontamination and infection control is reliant on each team member knowing what they should do and having the skills to put this knowledge into practice.

In-Practice Training

The in-practice training session has been developed to help support all NHS practices, in Scotland, in implementing current infection control and decontamination guidance. The training session which lasts approximately 3hrs is a blend of PowerPoint presentation and practical. It covers the following areas; hand hygiene, cleaning instruments, environmental cleaning and the testing and maintenance of decontamination equipment.

The whole dental team is trained using PowerPoint presentation and hands on training. A question and answer session follows this presentation.

The main point of the training is to enable practices to look at their existing processes and to consider any changes required to improve and thus bring the practice closer to the requirements of current guidance. Formulating an agreed action plan detailing timescales and responsibilities is an essential component of the training.

Iriston House Dental Practice are pleased to say we passed with flying colours.