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Clear Braces in Bathgate

A discreet and effective way to perfect your smile!

A Discreet and effective alternative to traditional braces

Clear Braces: A Nearly Invisible Teeth Straightening Solution

Clear Braces in Bathgate, West Lothian - Iriston House Dental Practice

What are clear braces?

Structure and Composition

Clear braces are a type of orthodontic treatment designed to straighten teeth and correct bite issues using transparent or tooth-coloured brackets instead of the traditional metal ones. Here are the structure and composition:

  • Brackets: Made from clear or ceramic materials that blend with the natural colour of your teeth.
  • Wires: Often use tooth-coloured or clear wires to maintain a low profile.
  • Elastic Bands: May also use clear or white elastic bands to secure the wires to the brackets.
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What's so good about it?

The Benefits


Aesthetically Pleasing

Clear braces offer an aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional metal braces. Made from transparent materials, they are barely noticeable, allowing you to smile confidently throughout your treatment without the self-consciousness often associated with metal braces.

Effective Teeth Straightening

Clear braces are just as effective as traditional metal braces in straightening teeth. They are designed to handle a variety of orthodontic issues, from minor tooth movement to more complex alignment problems, ensuring comprehensive treatment.

Comfortable to Wear

Designed with comfort in mind, clear braces are smooth and less likely to irritate your gums and cheeks. This means you can wear them for extended periods without discomfort, making the orthodontic process much more pleasant.

Shorter Dental Visits

Clear braces typically require shorter and less frequent dental visits compared to traditional braces. The adjustments are often quicker and more straightforward, saving you time and reducing the hassle of frequent appointments.

Suitable for All Ages

Clear braces are suitable for both teenagers and adults. Whether you’re seeking to correct alignment issues in adolescence or want to improve your smile as an adult, clear braces provide a versatile solution that fits any age group.

Predictable Treatment Outcome

The treatment process with clear braces is highly predictable. Orthodontists often use advanced imaging technology to create a detailed treatment plan, allowing you to understand the expected results and duration of your treatment before it begins.

How Is It Done?

Step-by-Step Process

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The initial consultation is an essential part of your orthodontic journey, allowing our orthodontist to tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals. During the initial consultation at Iriston House Dental Practice, our orthodontist will assess your specific needs and determine the right option for you. Here’s what you can expect during this appointment:

Discussion of Goals
Medical and Dental History
Oral Examination
Imaging and Scans
Treatment Recommendations
Preview of Treatment Plan
Cost Estimate and Payment Options
Asking Questions about the Treatment
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Meet Our Dentist with a Special Interest in Orthodontics

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Geoff speaks with passion and expertise, sharing insights and innovative approaches to orthodontic care, leaving listeners inspired and informed about their dental health journey.

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With a special interest in minimally invasive dentistry and orthodontics, Geoff excels in preserving teeth through precise alignment, bleaching, and bonding techniques, ensuring patients achieve their dream smiles with minimal preparation. As a fellow of the IAS Academy, Geoff shares his expertise nationally and internationally, offering patients cutting-edge treatments and personalised care backed by years of experience and ongoing commitment to excellence.

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Dr Geoff Stone - Our specialist orthodontist at Iriston House Dental Practice in Bathgate, West Lothian

Clear Braces in Bathgate

Why Choose Us for Clear Braces

Choose Iriston House Dental Practice for clear braces and embark on a journey to a straighter, healthier smile. Our experienced orthodontic team utilises advanced technology to discreetly and effectively align your teeth. With personalised treatment plans tailored to your unique needs, we prioritise your comfort and satisfaction throughout the process.

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Common Questions

Questions? We've got Answers

How do clear braces work?

Clear braces work similarly to traditional braces by applying gentle, consistent pressure to move teeth into their desired positions. The clear brackets and wires blend in with your natural tooth colour, making the treatment less noticeable while still providing effective orthodontic correction.

Are clear braces as effective as metal braces?

Yes, clear braces are just as effective as metal braces in treating various orthodontic issues such as misaligned teeth, overcrowding, and bite problems. They offer the same level of control and precision for tooth movement and can achieve similar results.

How long does treatment with clear braces take?

The treatment time with clear braces varies depending on the complexity of your case. On average, it can take anywhere from 12 to 24 months. Our orthodontist at Iriston House Dental Practice will provide a personalised treatment plan with an estimated duration based on your specific needs.

Are clear braces suitable for adults?

Absolutely, clear braces are a popular choice for adults seeking orthodontic treatment due to their discreet appearance. They offer a more subtle option for straightening teeth while maintaining a professional appearance in the workplace.

How often do I need to visit Iriston House Dental Practice for adjustments?

Typically, patients with clear braces visit the orthodontist at Iriston House Dental Practice for adjustments every 4 to 8 weeks. These appointments allow the orthodontist to monitor your progress and make any necessary changes to your treatment plan.

How do I clean clear braces?

To clean clear braces, brush and floss your teeth regularly to remove food particles and plaque from around the brackets and wires. Using an interdental brush can help clean hard-to-reach areas. Rinsing with mouthwash can also help maintain oral hygiene.

Can I participate in sports with clear braces?

Yes, you can participate in sports with clear braces. It’s recommended to wear a mouthguard to protect your braces and teeth from potential injuries during physical activities. Our orthodontist can help you choose a suitable mouthguard.

How do clear braces affect speech?

Clear braces may slightly affect your speech initially, as you adjust to having brackets and wires in your mouth. However, most patients adapt quickly, and any speech changes typically resolve within a few days.

Are clear braces suitable for complex cases?

Clear braces can handle many complex orthodontic cases, including severe crowding and misalignment. Our orthodontist at Iriston House Dental Practice will determine if clear braces are the best option for your specific needs based on an initial evaluation.

Are clear braces and clear aligners the same?

No, they are different. Clear braces consist of transparent or tooth-coloured brackets and wires that are bonded to the teeth, providing a fixed orthodontic treatment. Clear aligners are removable transparent trays that fit over the teeth, offering a more discreet alternative to traditional braces.

Clear braces are not removable and remain fixed on the teeth throughout the treatment duration. Clear aligners are removable, allowing for easier maintenance of oral hygiene and dietary flexibility.

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