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Inman Aligners in Bathgate

Offering a faster, more efficient way to correct misaligned front teeth!

Achieving a straighter smile in a shorter time frame

Inman Aligners: A More Efficient Way to Correct Misaligned Front Teeth

Inman Aligners in Bathgate at Iriston House Dental Practice

About the treatment

What is an Inman Aligner?

The Inman Aligner is an ideal solution for crowded or protruding front teeth. It is highly efficient, safe, and offers excellent value. Utilising the patented Inman Aligner technology, your front teeth can be gently repositioned to their ideal alignment within weeks. Most cases are completed in 6-18 weeks, and since the aligner is removable, you can easily take it out to suit your lifestyle.

The Inman Aligner uses Nickel Titanium coil springs to power two opposing aligner bows, gently guiding teeth into their new positions. These gentle forces are effective over a wide range of movements, allowing the Inman Aligner to work quickly.

The image here illustrates the squeezing effect of the two aligner bows on the front teeth. The inner bow pushes forward while the outer bow pulls back on the front teeth.

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What to Expect

The Result You Can Expect

Inman Aligners in Bathgate at Iriston House Dental Practice - Before and After 1
Inman Aligners in Bathgate at Iriston House Dental Practice - Before and After 2

What's so good about it?

The Benefits


Fast Treatment Time

The Inman Aligner can correct misaligned front teeth in a matter of weeks, making it one of the quickest orthodontic treatments available. This speed is ideal for those seeking rapid results for an upcoming event or simply desiring a faster path to a perfect smile.

Removable for Convenience

Unlike traditional braces, the Inman Aligner is removable, allowing patients to take it out for eating, brushing, and special occasions. This flexibility makes maintaining oral hygiene easier and allows for a more comfortable lifestyle during treatment.

Effective for Front Teeth Alignment

The Inman Aligner is specifically designed to correct crowding and protrusion of the front teeth. It excels in treating these common issues efficiently, providing a focused solution for a better smile.

Minimal Discomfort

The gentle forces applied by the Inman Aligner mean that patients typically experience less discomfort compared to traditional braces. The aligner's design ensures a more comfortable adjustment period as teeth are guided into their new positions.


Inman Aligner treatment is often more affordable than other orthodontic options. Its shorter treatment time reduces overall costs, making it an attractive option for budget-conscious patients seeking effective results.

Customisable Fit

The Inman Aligner is custom-made to fit each patient’s unique dental structure, ensuring optimal effectiveness and comfort. This personalised approach enhances the treatment’s success rate and patient satisfaction.

How it works

Watch how the Inman Aligner produces predictable result in a short time

How Is It Done?

Step-by-Step Process

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The initial consultation is an essential part of your orthodontic journey, allowing our orthodontist to tailor a treatment plan to meet your specific needs and goals. During the initial consultation at Iriston House Dental Practice, our orthodontist will assess your specific needs and determine the right option for you. Here’s what you can expect during this appointment:

Discussion of Goals
Medical and Dental History
Oral Examination
Imaging and Scans
Treatment Recommendations
Preview of Treatment Plan
Cost Estimate and Payment Options
Asking Questions about the Treatment
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With a special interest in minimally invasive dentistry and orthodontics, Geoff excels in preserving teeth through precise alignment, bleaching, and bonding techniques, ensuring patients achieve their dream smiles with minimal preparation. As a fellow of the IAS Academy, Geoff shares his expertise nationally and internationally, offering patients cutting-edge treatments and personalised care backed by years of experience and ongoing commitment to excellence.

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Dr Geoff Stone - Our specialist orthodontist at Iriston House Dental Practice in Bathgate, West Lothian

Inman Aligner in Bathgate

Why Choose Us for Inman Aligner

Choosing Iriston House Dental Practice for your Inman Aligner treatment ensures you receive the highest quality care from experienced professionals. Our team is dedicated to providing personalised treatment plans tailored to your specific dental needs and goals. We utilise state-of-the-art technology to ensure precision and effectiveness, delivering faster and more comfortable results. Our patient-centred approach means you will receive comprehensive support and guidance throughout your treatment journey, from initial consultation to final results.

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Common Questions

Questions? We've got Answers

How do Inman Aligners work?

Inman Aligners work by exerting gentle pressure on the front teeth, gradually guiding them into proper alignment. The aligner’s coil spring mechanism facilitates controlled movement, allowing for faster and more efficient treatment.

Are Inman Aligners suitable for everyone?

Inman Aligners are best suited for patients with mild to moderate crowding or protrusion of the front teeth. They may not be suitable for complex orthodontic issues or severe misalignments.

How long does Inman Aligner treatment take?

Inman Aligner treatment typically takes between 6 to 18 weeks, depending on the severity of the alignment issues and the patient’s compliance with wearing the aligner as directed.

Are Inman Aligners painful?

While some patients may experience mild discomfort or pressure during the initial adjustment period, Inman Aligners are generally well-tolerated. Any discomfort usually subsides as the teeth adjust to the aligner.

Can I eat with Inman Aligners?

Inman Aligners are removable, allowing you to eat and drink normally. However, it’s recommended to remove the aligner while eating to avoid damaging it or getting food trapped underneath.

How often do I need to wear Inman Aligners?

For optimal results, Inman Aligners should be worn for at least 20 to 22 hours per day. Consistent wear ensures effective tooth movement and accelerates the treatment process.

Will I need to wear retainers after Inman Aligner treatment?

Yes, wearing retainers after Inman Aligner treatment is essential to maintain the newly aligned teeth in their corrected positions. Our dentist will provide guidance on the appropriate retainer regimen for your specific case.

Are there any age restrictions for Inman Aligners?

Inman Aligners can be used by adults of all ages. However, they may not be suitable for children or adolescents whose jaws are still growing and developing.

Will I need to visit the dentist during Inman Aligner treatment?

Yes, regular dental check-up appointments are necessary throughout Inman Aligner treatment. These visits allow our dentist to monitor your progress, make any needed adjustments to the aligner, and ensure the treatment is proceeding as planned

Will I experience speech difficulties with Inman Aligners?

While it may take some time to adjust to wearing Inman Aligners, most patients adapt quickly and experience minimal speech difficulties. Any speech changes are usually temporary and improve with continued wear.

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