For out of hours emergencies call NHS24 on 111.

Opening Hours : M-F 9-5, Lunch 12:30 to 1:30 (1-2pm on Wed))
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Practice COVID-19 Update

Last week the Scottish Government and Chief Dental Officer issued guidance that all dental practices should close and no longer see patients for the time being. However difficult this is for us all, it is to prevent the spread of Covid-19 and keep as many of our patients and staff safe as possible.

We are operating a telephone advice line, so that our patients can speak to one of our dentists every weekday between 9am and 6pm if they have a dental emergency.
Please remember a dental emergency is either severe pain, swelling or trauma.
If you are suffering any of the above issues, please call 07496 601417 to get put through to one of our dentists and we will talk you through measures you can take at home to help.
NHS 24 is still operating as normal outwith these hours to give advice.

If you have a broken tooth, lost filling or lost crown we need your help with trying to manage the situation at home so as not to overwhelm the NHS.
Top tips to try at home ;
1. temporary filling materials/cements for lost crowns or fillings can be purchased on the high street or online that you can use at home eg toofypegs
2. Brush brush brush, maintaining good oral hygiene will help to slow the spread of decay if you have any of the above issues
3. If you have mild-moderate pain this should be managed at home if possible. If you need more advice on how to do this, give us a ring

We hope you are all staying home and staying safe and want to thank you all again for your patience through all this.

All the staff at Iriston House

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  1. Linda Cussen

    In light of the Scottish Government’s announcement yesterday, 21st May, to commence a phased move out of lockdown, starting at the end of this month, does the practice have a date in mind for when they will be able to start treating patients again?

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