For out of hours emergencies call NHS24 on 111.

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Practice Update (14/10/2020)

On 12th October, an announcement was made via STV News and Twitter that ‘NHS dental practices will be able to provide a full range of NHS services from 1st November”.

We wish to continue to be open and honest with our patients about how realistic this statement is. We have not been given any more information on this move ‘forward’. We still don’t have any details on how we are supposed to be able to carry this out safely in practice, especially as COVID-19 rates are increasing. As always, our staff and patients’ safety has to continue to be and is our number one priority.

We have thousands of patients registered at Iriston House, due to restrictions as a result of COVID-19, limited PPE and social distancing measures, it is just not possible to return to our normal way of working yet. To try and protect our staff and patients we have to follow strict fallow time rules after seeing patients, which involves leaving the surgery empty for up to an hour between procedures to allow for thorough cleaning. I’m sure you can all understand that these measures are severely restricting the number of patients we can see every day, which makes seeing even 15-20 patients difficult, let alone our pre-COVID numbers.

We await further guidance from the Scottish Government in the hope they will clarify a route map as to how we can put the newest recommendations into practise. Until then, we are NOT booking any routine NHS treatment or check-ups and will continue to prioritise those who are in pain.

We have lists of ALL patients who are due treatment and check ups but as you can imagine, this adds up to pretty much every single patient that is registered with us! So please, please be patient with us.
As always, if you have a dental emergency or any concerns with your oral health then please get in contact.

We are so grateful to have such a supportive patient base, you have been nothing but understanding as we have tried to navigate the practice through this time, we know it’s been frustrating, and we can’t thank you enough for the support you have shown us.
We hope to have a clearer update for you all in the coming weeks

Thank you!