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Gone are the days of conspicuous metal braces; Invisalign offers a discreet and comfortable alternative. But how exactly does Invisalign work its magic? Let’s look at the mechanics behind Invisalign treatment, exploring its process, benefits, and effectiveness in achieving a straighter, healthier smile.

How Clear Aligners Straighten Teeth

How does Invisalign work Iriston House Dental Practice

Invisalign clear aligners employ a sophisticated yet straightforward mechanism to straighten teeth gradually and effectively. Unlike traditional braces, which use brackets and wires to exert force on the teeth, clear aligners utilise a series of custom-made plastic trays, each designed to fit snugly over the patient’s teeth. These aligners are fabricated using advanced 3D imaging technology, allowing for precise customisation to accommodate the unique contours of the patient’s dentition.

The process begins with a comprehensive dental examination and digital scanning of the patient’s teeth to create a virtual 3D model of their smile. Orthodontists then design a customised treatment plan, specifying the desired movements of each tooth throughout the course of treatment. Based on this plan, a series of aligners are fabricated, with each set slightly different from the last to gradually guide the teeth into their desired positions. As the patient progresses through the series of aligners, they experience gentle yet consistent pressure on their teeth, encouraging them to shift gradually over time. Through regular wear and progression to new aligners approximately every one to two weeks, patients achieve gradual and controlled tooth movement, ultimately resulting in a beautifully aligned smile.

Invisalign’s SmartTrack Material

Invisalign’s SmartTrack material stands as a hallmark of innovation in orthodontic treatment. This proprietary blend of transparent, flexible thermoplastic material has redefined the comfort and efficacy of teeth-straightening aligners. Unlike conventional materials used in clear aligners, SmartTrack offers unparalleled flexibility, allowing for a more comfortable fit and efficient tooth movement. Its unique elasticity ensures a snug yet gentle grip on the teeth, facilitating precise and controlled shifting throughout the treatment process. Moreover, SmartTrack material is designed to exert consistent, uniform forces on the teeth, resulting in more predictable and accelerated orthodontic outcomes.

One of the key advantages of SmartTrack material lies in its exceptional clarity and durability. While traditional clear aligner materials may become cloudy or yellowish over time, SmartTrack maintains its transparency throughout the treatment duration. This not only ensures that the aligners remain virtually invisible when worn but also enhances patient satisfaction and confidence. Additionally, the durability of SmartTrack material minimises the risk of breakage or deformation, allowing patients to wear their aligners with confidence and peace of mind.

The Treatment Process of Invisalign

Is Invisalign noticeable - Iriston House Dental PracticeBelow is the seamless treatment process of Invisalign designed to create your dream smile:

1. Initial Consultation

  • Comprehensive Dental Examination and Assessment
    The journey to a straighter smile begins with a thorough initial consultation, where a comprehensive dental examination and assessment are conducted. During this examination, the orthodontist evaluates the patient’s dental health, including the alignment of the teeth, bite relationship, and overall oral condition. X-rays and digital scans may be taken to provide a detailed assessment of the dentition, enabling the orthodontist to develop a personalised treatment plan tailored to the patient’s unique needs.
  • Discussion of Treatment Goals and Expectations
    In addition to the dental assessment, the initial consultation serves as an opportunity for the patient to discuss their treatment goals and expectations with the orthodontist. By openly communicating their desires and concerns, patients can actively participate in the treatment planning process and collaborate with the orthodontist to develop a treatment plan that aligns with their aesthetic preferences and lifestyle.

2. Customised Treatment Plan

  • Digital Scanning and Impression-Free Technology
    With the advancement of digital technology, traditional dental impressions using messy impression materials are now a thing of the past. Invisalign employs state-of-the-art digital scanning technology to capture highly accurate 3D images of the patient’s teeth and gums. These digital impressions allow for precise treatment planning and the fabrication of custom aligners without the discomfort and inconvenience associated with traditional impression techniques.
  • Tailoring Aligners to Suit Individual Needs
    Once the digital impressions are obtained, the orthodontist collaborates with the Invisalign laboratory to design a customised treatment plan tailored to the patient’s specific orthodontic needs. Using advanced computer-aided design (CAD) software, the orthodontist meticulously plans the sequence of tooth movements to achieve the desired alignment. Each set of aligners is precisely tailored to gradually shift the teeth into their ideal positions, ensuring optimal treatment outcomes.

3. Aligner Wear and Progression

  1. Daily Wear Schedule: How Long to Wear Invisalign Aligners
    Invisalign aligners are designed to be worn for the majority of the day, typically around 20 to 22 hours per day. Patients are instructed to wear their aligners consistently, removing them only for eating, drinking (except for water), brushing, and flossing. Adhering to the prescribed wear schedule is essential for achieving the desired tooth movements and maximising the effectiveness of the treatment.
  2. Transitioning to New Aligners: The Gradual Movement of Teeth
    Throughout the course of treatment, patients progress through a series of custom-made aligners, each designed to exert controlled forces on the teeth to gradually move them into proper alignment. Typically, patients wear each set of aligners for one to two weeks before transitioning to the next set in the series. This gradual progression allows for predictable and comfortable tooth movement, minimising discomfort and ensuring steady progress towards a straighter smile.

4. Monitoring and Adjustments

  • Regular Check-Up Appointments: Tracking Progress and Making Adjustments
    Regular check-up appointments are scheduled to monitor the progress of the Invisalign treatment and make any necessary adjustments along the way. During these appointments, the orthodontist evaluates the alignment of the teeth, assesses the fit of the aligners, and addresses any concerns or issues that may arise during treatment. Adjustments to the treatment plan, such as refinement aligners or modifications to the aligner wear schedule, may be made as needed to optimise treatment outcomes.
  • Addressing Any Concerns or Issues Throughout the Treatment Journey
    Throughout the treatment journey, patients are encouraged to communicate any concerns or issues they may experience with their aligners. Whether it’s discomfort, difficulty with aligner insertion or removal, or questions about oral hygiene practices, the orthodontic team is readily available to provide guidance and support. By addressing concerns promptly and proactively, patients can navigate their Invisalign treatment with confidence and achieve the best possible results.

Meet the team at Iriston House Dental PracticeWhy Choose Iriston House Dental Practice for Invisalign?

Choose Iriston House Dental Practice for Invisalign to experience personalised care and expertise in achieving your dream smile. Our team of experienced orthodontists utilises advanced technology to create custom treatment plans tailored to your unique needs. With a focus on comfort, convenience, and exceptional results, we are committed to guiding you through your Invisalign journey with professionalism and care.

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30 April 2024
Facial aesthetics carried out by Lori, absolutely amazing and will be booking in again.
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29 April 2024
Great treatment from Dentist Lori and the team. Lori takes time to find out your needs and preferences. Would highly recommend.

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